How does it work

Where to start!

- Living space

I create an environment that is practical, energy efficient and a happy space for the family to live in.

- Requirement

Space and light are key. Each individual in the home will have their own requirement.

- Stress Free

From a woman's point of view the kitchen area is vital. I need to get a clear idea of how I can help to make this area as comfortable and stress free as possible.

To do this I meet and talk to the family in the home to get this background information.

Only then can I set out my priorities and visualise the home within the agreed budget.

Outline drawings can be presented for further discussion.

My object is to involve the client fully with the process and make sure the finished outcome is exactly what they want.

- Consultative Process

1. Feasibility study
2. Survey
3. Design
4. Planning applications
5. Detailed final design
6. Tender
7. Construction drawings
8. Design supervision
9. Certificates
10. Interior design

- Charges

There is once off fee of €150 plus VAT for this initial consultation.

All other stages charge is on agreed fixed fee.